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  • Rockwool Panels

    Rockwool Panels

    June 28, 2019Rockwool panel is the abbreviation of asbestos fiber cement plate. It is made of asbestos, glass fiber, ceramics and other materials according to scientific formula. It has a strong resistance to tens...view
  • High Pressure Heat Cured Fiberboard

    High Pressure Heat Cured Fiberboard

    June 13, 2019Product performance and characteristicsBuilding curtain wall with high-pressure hot curing wood fiber board (Cleanroom HPL), by 30-40% resin (or flame retardant resin) and 60-70% wood fiber (or kraft ...view
  • Honeycomb Sandwich Panel

    Honeycomb Sandwich Panel

    June 28, 2019The so-called honeycomb sandwich panel is the use of aluminum plate, color coated aluminum plate and other plates through roll cold bending into a variety of wavy aluminum plate. Here is a detailed in...view
  • Clean Room Automatic Doors

    Clean Room Automatic Doors

    June 28, 2019Unique Product Advantage of Clean Room Automatic DoorsAdvantages 1. clean room automatic doors adopts sheet metal processing technology, automatic computer typesetting laser shears processing, automat...view