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  • How to Keep the Cleanliness of Clean Room?

    How to Keep the Cleanliness of Clean Room?

    July 15, 2019(1) Maintain the positive pressure of the air-conditioned room. If the negative pressure or positive pressure in the room is lower than that in the adjacent room, the air in the outdoor and surroundin...view
  • Cleanroom Technology Application Trend

    Cleanroom Technology Application Trend

    May 22, 2019The clean room itself is an area (room) for the control of dust particles and microorganism content. Its building structure, equipment and function can reduce the intervention, generation and retentio...view
  • Product Bearing Test

    Product Bearing Test

    December 7, 2018In order to allow customers who purchase our products to install and use with confidence, our company has carried out on-site inspection of the carrying capacity of the products, and has more than a d...view
  • Advantages Of Aluminum Honeycomb Panel

    Advantages Of Aluminum Honeycomb Panel

    April 29, 2019All aluminum honeycomb panel is a new, high - grade environmental protection substrate, technology of which has been very mature. Current solid wood furniture and panel furniture both contain excessiv...view