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  • Clean Clothing and Management

    Clean Clothing and Management

    February 12, 20191. Clean clothes should be made of materials that do not generate static electricity or are treated with anti-static treatment, because the relative humidity in the clean room is half lower, and the l...view
  • Rigid Polyurethane Sandwich Panel

    Rigid Polyurethane Sandwich Panel

    April 29, 2019Polyurethane sandwich panels, polyurethane composite panels and PU panels are popular terms. Strictly speaking, they should be called polyurethane insulation sandwich panels for construction. The nati...view
  • Health and Safety of Cleanroom

    Health and Safety of Cleanroom

    February 12, 2019The following points should be noted.1. Cleaning of the clean room should be done before the end of the day and after the end of the process operation.2. Cleaning should be carried out in the operatio...view
  • Characteristics of Rockwool Panel Production Equipment

    Characteristics of Rockwool Panel Production Equipment

    June 28, 2019The assembly line of new rockwool panel production equipment has completely changed the comprehensive situation of glass-magnesium board production, which is characterized by more labor, cumbersome pr...view