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  • Not every Fingerprint Lock has been seen in a Clean Room

    Not every Fingerprint Lock has been seen in a Clean Room

    June 28, 2019As a high-tech and high-precision product, the clean room fingerprint lock must be "born" in the environment of national standard dust-free workshop.However, what I want to say here is that not every ...view
  • Product Bearing Test

    Product Bearing Test

    December 7, 2018In order to allow customers who purchase our products to install and use with confidence, our company has carried out on-site inspection of the carrying capacity of the products, and has more than a d...view
  • Steel Door

    Steel Door

    June 28, 2019The appearance of steel doors on the market is very similar to theft-proof doors. In terms of theft-proof performance, the standard theft-proof doors have thick steel plates and strong impact resistan...view


    December 24, 2018Warmly celebrate WONZONE's participation in the made in china platform.On July 20, 2018, WONZONE officially joined the Made in China foreign trade station platform, operating in good faith and buildin...view