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Air Shower

Air Shower

Down Load Product Description:
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When people and goods enter the clean area, they need to be blown through the air shower room. The clean air can remove the dust carried of people and goods, and can effectively block or reduce the dust source from entering the clean area. The front and rear doors of the air shower/ cargo shower are electronically interlocked and act as air locks to prevent unpurified air from entering the clean area.

Air Shower Features

The intelligent voice air shower room has a voice prompt system. During the blowing, the automatic voice system prompts people to complete the entire dusting and dust removal process in an orderly manner to achieve an effective purification effect, and the clean air flow filtered by the high efficiency filter is rotatable. The nozzle is sprayed from all directions to the body to effectively and quickly remove dust particles, and the removed dust particles are then filtered by the primary and high-efficiency filters and recycled to the air shower area. 
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The Picture of Air Shower Room

The Picture of Air Shower Room
The Picture of Air Shower Room

Structure Configuration

1. Automatic control, single-person single-drying room system adopts PLC intelligent control means. The LED display on the control panel can correctly display the operating status of the air shower, the interlock status of the double door, the progress of the air shower cycle and the opening of the door. It is equipped with a photoelectric sensor, a one-way air shower, which enters from the non-clean area. After the door is closed, the infrared sensor senses the person. After the shower, the entry lock will be closed, and the air shower room can only be removed from the door;
2.Single blow shower room motherboard soft key touch-type time relay, LED display and set the shower time, the range is adjustable in 10-99s, it can adjust the blowing time according to the difference of the environment outside the wind shower;
3. Modular structure, single-person single air shower room with modular design;
4. High performance, high sealing, using imported electronic components, stable and reliable running performance, advanced noise reduction and quiet device system and EVA sealing material, high sealing performance.

The Specification of Air Shower System


Air shower Room


Stainless steel



Blown time


Wind speed



Modular design for easy installation and transportation


Clean room


ISO9001:2008; SGS

The Application of Air Shower

Air shower room is used in micro-electronics, optoelectronics, semiconductor, medicine, food, chemical, aviation, automotive, printing, laboratory and other dust-free workshops and non-dust-free workshops, ladder cleanliness workshops, for any other low cleanliness rooms.  In the process of entering a high-clean room, more than 0.3 micron dust particles can be removed in each part of the room to avoid contamination after entering the clean room. At the same time, it also acts as a buffer for airflow, because in the process of opening the door, with the flow of air, the air shower chamber stops the airflow in the air shower chamber well, which avoids the air pollution caused by the air flow.

Other Notes of Air Shower

1.Payment : T/T, L/C.
2.Transportation : Shipping, Air Freight.
3.Packaging : Carton, Wooden Box.

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