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Our company's metal door series includes folding door and sliding doors, it's usually with aluminum door frames and PCGI door panels. Advantages of aluminum alloy door frame: Aluminum alloy profile has the characteristics of high strength, strong corrosion resistance, and not easy to be deformed. Under the premise of normal use, it will not be deformed in 5~8 years.

The Drawing of Clean Room Aluminum Door

The Drawing of Clean Room Aluminum Door

Door Lock & Door Hinges

Door Lock & Door Hinges

Door Glass Window & 3D Picture

Door Glass Window & 3D Picture

The Advantages of Clean Room Aluminum Door

Production Advantages:

1.Good flatness;
2.Air tight;
3.High strength;
4.Easy to installation;

Our Advantages:

1.Our aluminum frame PCGI doors are mainly used in pharmaceutical industry factories, laboratories, hospital operating rooms, food industry, chemical industry and so on. The door has high strength and is not easily deformed, also, it has a particularly good flatness. The metal door is in a plane with the wall panel after the installation is completed, which is easy to clean and not easy to generate dust.
2.The door panel is made of a double-layer PCGI board with a sandwich material. The commonly used sandwich materials are aluminum honeycomb,  and rock wool. The strength of the aluminum honeycomb is relatively high, and the fireproof performance of the rock wool is relatively good.
3.We have been engaged in the clean room industry, we invested a lot of manpower and financial resources in the research and development of products, and hope to make the clean room better in order to meet or exceed the user's requirements.

The Specification of Clean Room Aluminum Door


Metal door




Aluminum, PCGI


900mm*2100mm, 1800mm*2100mm or customized

Frame thickness


Door panel thickness





Cleanroom, Workshop, Factory


Fire proof rate A


ISO9001:2008; SGS

The Application of Clean Room Aluminum Door

Application: Pharmaceutical, Food, Chemical and etc.

Other Notes of Clean Room Aluminum Door

1.Payment : T/T, L/C.
2.Transportation : Shipping, Air Freight.
3.Packaging : Carton, Wooden Box.

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