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Double glass window is a new type of building material with good heat insulation, sound insulation, beautiful appearance and reduced building weight. It is a high-performance sound-insulating glass made of two pieces (or three pieces) of glass, which is bonded with an aluminum alloy frame containing a desiccant by using a high-strength and high-air-tight composite adhesive. Double glass window is superior to ordinary double-layer glass, so it has been recognized by all countries in the world. Double glass window is to separate two or more pieces of glass with effective support and seal them at the periphery to form a glass layer. Glassware is placed in a dry gas space. Its main materials consist of glass, warm edge spacers, angled plugs, butyl rubber, polysulfide rubber, and desiccant.

The Drawing of Double Glass Window

The Drawing of Double Glass Window

Installation Position

Installation Position

The Advantages of Double Glass Window

Production Advantages:

1.Thermal insulation;
2.Air tight;
3.Good transparency.

Double Glass Window Details

Double Glass Window Details

Double Glass Window Feature

The main features of the Double glass window are four:
1 Large energy saving effect:
Double glass window has a special metal film, which can achieve 0.22-0.49 shielding coefficient and reduce the load of indoor air conditioner (air-conditioning). The heat transfer coefficient is 1.4-2.8W (m2.K), which is better than ordinary insulating glass. The heating load also exerts great efficiency. Therefore, larger the window is, more obvious the energy saving effect it can achieve.
2 Improve the indoor environment:
The Double glass window intercepts the considerable energy emitted by the sun into the room, thus it can prevent discomfort caused by radiant heat and reduce the dizziness caused by the sun.
3 Rich colors and artistic:
Double glass window has various colors, and you can choose the color according to your needs in order to achieve a more ideal artistic effect.
4 Double glass window use:
It is suitable for public buildings such as office buildings, exhibition rooms, libraries, and special buildings that require constant temperature and humidity, such as computer rooms, precision instrument workshops, chemical factories and etc. It can also be used for sun protection and anti-sunshine.

The Specification of Double Glass Window


Double glass window


Arc, Rectangle


Glass, Aluminum








Cleanroom, Workshop, Factory


Thermal insulation


ISO9001:2008; SGS

The Application of Double Glass Window

Application: Electronics, Food, Chemical and etc.

Other Notes of Double Glass Window

1.Payment : T/T, L/C.
2.Transportation : Shipping, Air Freight.
3.Packaging : Carton, Wooden Box.

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