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Pass Box

Pass Box

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The pass box in the clean room is primarily for the transfer of small items between the clean area and clean area, the non-clean area and clean area, so as to reduce the number of clean room door and the maximum reduction of the denuded zone pollution. Pass box are widely used in micro-technologies, biological laboratories, pharmaceutical plants, hospitals, food processing industries, LCDs, electronics factories, and other places where air purification is required.

The Picture of Pass Box

The Picture of Pass Box

Pass Box Details

Pass Box Details
Pass Box Details

Pass Box Features

1.The external structure is made of high quality stainless steel, bent and welded, and it's beautiful.
2.The internal stainless steel arc angle is excessive and easy to clean.
4. Built-in UV light inside.
5. The short-distance Pass box is made of stainless steel plate, which is smooth and wear-resistant.
6. The two sides of the door are provided with mechanical interlocking or electronic interlocking and electronic latching device to ensure that the doors on both sides cannot be opened at the same time.
7. According to customer needs, customers can order a variety of non-standard size and floor-standing Pass box.
8. The wind speed of the tuyere outlet is as high as 20s or more.
9. The filter has a high efficiency filter with a filtration efficiency of 99.99% to ensure the purification level.
10. EVA sealing material is used, so the sealing performance is high.
11. Can be paired with a walkie-talkie.

Working Principle Editing

1. Mechanical interlocking device: The internal interlocking is realized by mechanical means. When one door is opened, the other door cannot be opened, and the other door must be closed before another door can be opened.
2. Electronic interlock device: internal use of integrated circuit, electromagnetic lock, control panel, indicator light and etc. To achieve interlocking, when one of the doors is open, the other door opening indicator is not work, indicating that the door can not be opened.The lock action implements interlocks. When the door is closed, the other electromagnetic lock starts working and the indicator light illuminates, indicating that the other door can be opened.

The Specification of Pass Box


Pass box


Stainless steel

Internal Size

500*400*500mm, 600*600*600mm, 800*800*800mm



Supply Voltage

220V 50Hz


Electronic interlock


Clean room


ISO9001:2008; SGS

Other Notes of Pass Box

1.Payment : T/T, L/C.
2.Transportation : Shipping, Air Freight.
3.Packaging : Carton, Wooden Box.

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