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  • Analysis of Sandwich Floor Structure Form

    Analysis of Sandwich Floor Structure Form

    April 29, 2019At present, there are four types of sandwich slabs commonly used in apartments: 1. Steel truss slab 2. steel structure slab + concrete floor 3. traditional cast-in-place concrete slab 4. steel structu...view
  • Inspection Mode of Honeycomb Structure

    Inspection Mode of Honeycomb Structure

    April 29, 2019Honeycomb panel is a new kind of composite material, also known as honeycomb laminated structure, which is made of thin and strong two-layer panel bonded with honeycomb material. Its panel material se...view
  • Rigid Polyurethane Sandwich Panel

    Rigid Polyurethane Sandwich Panel

    April 29, 2019Polyurethane sandwich panels, polyurethane composite panels and PU panels are popular terms. Strictly speaking, they should be called polyurethane insulation sandwich panels for construction. The nati...view
  • Installation of Polyurethane Sandwich

    Installation of Polyurethane Sandwich

    April 29, 20191) Transverse Pavement of Polyurethane Sandwich Vertical purlin is used in the transverse pavement of the new type plate, and vertical composite decorative strip is used at the joint of the transverse...view