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  • Sandwich Panel

    Sandwich Panel

    June 28, 2019Sandwich panel is plywood. Simply speaking, the production process of sandwich board is that wood rotary cutting is similar to pencil sharpening with pencil sharpener. The blade is fixed. Once the pen...view
  • Group Activities on April 28th

    Group Activities on April 28th

    May 15, 2019On April 28th, our company organized a field expand activity, and we participated in many projects, such as karting experience, CS experience, jungle crossing, kayaking, rock climbing and so on.After ...view
  • Dust Free Workshop Form

    Dust Free Workshop Form

    June 13, 2019Dust-freeworkshops are generally divided into three types from the plane layout:ballroom type, baycliase type and island type.Eachof the above three forms of dust-free workshop design has its advantag...view
  • Rockwool Panels

    Rockwool Panels

    June 28, 2019Rockwool panel is the abbreviation of asbestos fiber cement plate. It is made of asbestos, glass fiber, ceramics and other materials according to scientific formula. It has a strong resistance to tens...view